Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Box Full of Summer

What do you think when you think of summer?  Days at the beach or by the pool?  Long summer vacations?  Or all that wonderful produce that's just around the corner?

Well, if you live in the town that's known as The Big Tomato ... 

This year I'm finally taking the plunge. Tuesday was the annual Earth Day plant sale at the office.  Every year I head for the herbs, so we've got parsley, sage (already have the rosemary and thyme ...) and basil.  And every year I gaze longingly at all the beautiful tomato plants.  Romas, cherries, Big Boys and Early Girls, and all those heirlooms ...

Well, my teeny-tiny available tomato space might fit these Romas and red and yellow cherry plants.  Maybe I can keep them going long enough to feed my summer tomato addiction.  Maybe I'll even be the person trying to unload her tomatoes on all her neighbors (but probably not!)

Time to hit the search engines for everyone's favorite tomato-growing secrets!

Do you grow edibles?  What are your secrets?

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